Water Cooler

Cleaning Procedure

  1. Turn off and unplug water cooler at mains power.
  2. Remove bottle and filter, empty chilling tank through taps into a bucket.
  3. Take out baffle plate (white plastic part inside chilling tank – the baffle plate unscrews anti clockwise).
  4. Fill a bucket with 2 litres of hot water and appropriate sanitiser. Pour water into chilling tank. Leave for 5 minutes.
  5. While the tank is full, use a dish brush to gently scrub sides and base of tank.
  6. Drain tank into bucket, ensuring a minimum of approximately 1 litre from each tap (this sanitises the internals of taps).
  7. Refill bucket with 2 litres of warm water and pour into chilling tank.
  8. Drain through taps into a bucket.
  9. Remove taps (screw anti clockwise).
  10. Remove drip tray.
  11. Take baffle plate, drip tray and taps to a sink.
  12. Clean baffle plate and the externals of taps with fresh water only. Do not use any cleaning chemicals as the taste and smell may be absorbed.
  13. The drip tray can be cleaned with detergent. (Do not use abrasive cleaners).
  14. Wipe over externals of water cooler with a soft damp cloth.
  15. Replace taps, drip tray and baffle plate.
  16. Replace filter.
  17. Place a fresh 15Lt bottle on cooler.
  18. Flush the cooler, using  both taps, ensuring a minimum of 5 litres is flushed through each tap.
  19. Turn on machine at mains power.
  20. Keep an eye on machine to ensure it is working properly and not leaking.

NOTE: The most common leak in these units is caused by a tiny hole or fine crack in the bottle which allows the air in, therefore not stopping the water flow.

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